👋 I'm Mirela Iancu.

Growth Marketer & Serial Learner.

As a Growth Marketer, Mirela Iancu specializes in SEO, Content Strategy, and Product Marketing. She excels at uncovering users’ intent and pain points and designing user-centered products, features, and go-to-market strategies.


  • Growth and Product Marketer at Word Tips
  • Serial Learner and Mentor at Coursera
  • Founder eLearnRo
  • Former Marketer at Bannersnack and Senior Banker
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About Mirela Iancu

Mirela Iancu is a Barcelona-based marketer who delivers growth for B2C and B2B products. She has over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing in corporate environments and startups. She is highly qualified at mixing SEO strategy with product development to increase traffic and generate new business through innovation — new features and products.

The Growth Philosophy


10% of the work will account for 90% of the results. Identify where in the funnel to focus, what metrics to use, and what marketing channels.


Each project is unique, grows differently, and requires a starting humble approach to achieve growth.

Limits of Growth

Each product has its limits for growth. It’s essential to understand them early to set realistic goals and allocate resources effectively.

Thinking in Systems

It is essential to have a holistic understanding of the project and its ecosystem to develop a feasible and sustainable growth strategy.


Currently, Mirela Iancu is Growth & Product Marketer at Word Tips. She also mentors SEO and Social Psychology on Coursera. Previously, she founded eLearnRo.

In her lifetime in marketing, she worked with B2B & B2C, traditional & digital products learning about different spaces – banking, SaaS, dictionaries, gaming, education, home networking and privacy.

She has enjoyed many cross-functional roles around SEO and Product Development in exceptionally fast-moving startups. She also helped various traditional businesses beyond the digital space, which enabled her to build sound and valuable transferable skills.

The Growth Process


Understanding users’ needs and priorities is key to tailoring effective marketing efforts that achieve impactful growth opportunities.


Defining and using a north star metric to develop a growth strategy that is feasible and aligned with the business goals.


Thoughtful planning and breaking down the actions into sprints with intelligent resource allocation and ambitious but achievable deadlines.

Measure & Learn

Observing and learning from the data and feedback to improve strategies, make better decisions, and iterate.

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Featured On Forbes

Mirela Iancu has  been featured on Forbes and Coursera Blog. In addition, she was invited to mentor on Coursera.

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