About Me


I am an SEO & Product Marketer with over a decade in traditional and digital marketing in corporate environments and startups.


My current role is a mix of SEO strategy and product.

My job involves speeding up the organic growth engine through content, backlinks, and technical SEO while generating new business through innovation — new features and products.


In my lifetime in marketing, I worked with B2B & B2C, traditional & digital products learning about different spaces – SaaS, banking, dictionaries, gaming, education, home networking, and privacy.


I love to grow websites and products sustainably by putting the customer at the center of any growth strategy. First, I dive deep into understanding Personas, uncovering their stories and pain points. Then, to increase the traffic, I map the users’ intent with content and backlinks strategy. To increase engagement, I observe and improve users’ journeys and develop new features and products that convert by collaborating with the product team.



My Four Principles Of Growth

1. 10% of the work will account for 90% of the results

It is crucial to quickly find that 10% and focus on it. I use

design thinking and creative experimentation to find that 10% fast. It boils down to finding the funnel stages and the right marketing channels to leverage.

Regarding the funnel, an early-stage SaaS may need to prioritize outbound and conversions, while a B2C publisher should focus on increasing the user base.

Regarding channels, some businesses start by building on paid advertising, while others should bet on organic or create their outbound sales department.


2. Each project is unique

Each project is different, grows differently, and needs a starting and humble approach: I believe that each project is unique and requires a different approach to achieve growth. Therefore, I always start with a humble attitude, recognizing that there may be unknowns and that I may not have all the answers. By being open and willing to learn, I am able to adapt my strategy to the specific needs of each project and achieve sustainable growth over time.


3. Understanding the limits of growth

Each product has its limits for growth, and it’s essential to identify and understand them early. I recognize that each project has its limitations and potential for growth, which can be influenced by factors such as the product cycle and stage if it’s an autonomous product or depends on a different product. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand these limits in order to set realistic goals and allocate resources effectively.


4. Thinking in systems

I believe each project is a complex system comprising various interrelated components such as users, market, and production process. Therefore, to achieve sustainable growth, it is essential to have a holistic understanding of the project and its ecosystem and to take a holistic approach to problem-solving and strategy development.

B2B & B2C Expertise Across Different Industries

Gaming | Word Games | Dictionaries | EdTech | FinTech | Finances | Design Tools | Privacy | Home Network Devices


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