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I have enjoyed many cross-functional roles in SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and Product Development in fast-moving startups. I also helped various traditional businesses beyond the digital space, which enabled me to build sound and valuable transferable skills. Here is how my experience has shaped and defined me so far:

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I can grow monthly site clicks from 1M to 20M and from 0 to 5M. I know how to:

  • set a long-term growth strategy.
  • perform a 360° analysis of all the aspects involved – users, space, product, resources, marketing, and business model.
  • plan big, then break it into small steps, implement, measure, and learn.

I can shape successful digital products that engage millions of users.

  • I put the users and their habits at the center of every growth strategy I create.
  • I speak user stories, tech, data, design, business, and more.
  • I draw on my extensive knowledge and work experience across many areas to observe, define hypotheses, test, and learn.
Products Shaped
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I continuously learn and challenge myself to grow.

  • I am constantly learning new things.
  • I am constantly embarking on new activities both at the personal and professional level.

My Steps For Growth

1. Discovery 

I use design thinking to identify the 10% of work that yields 90% of the results. I conduct research to better understand my target users, their pain points, and their journeys. By understanding their needs and priorities, I effectively tailor my marketing efforts to achieve impactful growth opportunities.


2. Strategy

Based on my findings in the discovery step, I use the north star metric to develop a growth strategy that is feasible and aligned with the company’s goals. This metric serves as a guiding principle for all my growth efforts.


3. Implementation

As an organic-driven holistic marketer, I execute for sustainable growth. I plan and break down my main actions into smaller sprints. This allows me to be flexible and responsive to changes and to make course corrections as needed to achieve sustainable growth over time.


4. Observing & Learning

I Continuously monitor and analyze the results of my campaigns. I observe and learn from the data and feedback to improve my strategies and make better decisions. This is an ongoing loop that helps me achieve sustainable growth over time.

I love what I do so much that I don’t hesitate to volunteer for exciting projects, people, or only for learning.

Google Ads Search Certification

Google Ads Display Certification

Google Ads Apps Certification

B2B & B2C Expertise Across Different Industries

Gaming | Word Games | Dictionaries | EdTech | FinTech | Finances | Design Tools | Privacy | Home Network Devices


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Data-informed Approach

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Fast & Reliable

User-centered Thinker

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