Gaming My Way to SEO Success

mirela iancu

Mirela Iancu

Aug 29, 2023  5 min read

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How Playing Word Games Has Helped Me Crack the SEO Code


Embarking on a journey that marries seemingly unrelated worlds often demands a dash of audacity. In 2019, my path led me to Barcelona, a city with a mosaic of languages and cultures. Pretty new in my second career, even with a robust mix of transferable skills nurtured over many years and areas of business, marketing, and tech, I stood at the crossroads of transformation. Little did I know that it wasn’t just geography that had changed – my entire professional and personal landscape was about to be rewritten.


Amidst this transition, I encountered the world of word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends for the very first time, driven by professional necessity rather than personal entertainment. In my native Romania, these games weren’t part of our culture, and adapting to them was as challenging as grasping a new language. This unfamiliar terrain demanded an understanding of US culture, slang, and linguistic nuances, all while wrestling with the intricacies of SEO.


As I navigated this double-edged learning curve, I grappled with two languages. From mispronunciations to strategic keyword placements, every step reminded me of the dynamic journey I was on, striving to crack the code of both word games and the SEO realm while adapting to a new life in Spain.

It Started with Scrabble and Words With Friends: From Tiles to Content and Back


Working on websites that assist players with finding words for the word games they adore evolved from struggle to enlightening fun. My mission wasn’t just about SEO enhancement; it was about deciphering the needs of these players. As I embarked on my own wordplay adventures, the tiles weren’t just a means to victory; they became symbols of insight. By immersing myself in these games, I was having fun and learning English words while looking for ways to foster growth for our websites.


Uncovering the user psyche meant delving into the specific language they used – terms like “word finder,” “letter combinations,” and “tile strategies.” Observing their paths from casual playing to seeking help and back to the game itself illuminated the intricacies of their experience. By understanding their intent – the desire to enhance their skills and enjoy the games they loved – I built content that resonated with their needs.

Evolving the WordsSEO Challenge: Transitioning to Crossword Puzzles

NYT Crossword Mini Screenshots

As I delved deeper into the words gaming help SEO, my journey led me from the intricate lexicons of Scrabble and Words with Friends to the enigmatic world of crossword puzzles. What began as a mere research endeavor eventually paved the way for creating one of today’s most prominent crossword solver websites.


The transition to crosswords was a logical progression sparked by the very nature of research that fuels the quest for knowledge. It all started with the desire to address a distinct query – the perennial “crossword solver” search that echoed across the digital landscape. This endeavor, however, demanded an entirely different toolset and strategy.


Shaping and growing a crossword solver tool required, beyond technical prowess, empathy with users, understanding of their intent and search behaviors. I embraced the essence of crossword puzzles – the challenge, the curiosity, and the gratification of finding solutions that fit within the grid.

Pioneering the Wordle Solver

NYT Wordle Game Screen Shots

As my journey with word games continued, a new chapter opened in 2022 with Wordle  – for those unfamiliar with it, it is a daily puzzle where players have six attempts to decipher a common 5-letter word. The game swiftly captured the hearts and minds of word enthusiasts around the world. It became a viral sensation, captivating social media feeds and sparking countless imitations. Its meteoric rise culminated in its acquisition by The New York Times. By 2022, Wordle became the resounding echo across internet searches, a testament to its global impact.


For me, this was an opportunity not just to witness a digital phenomenon but to contribute to it actively. Armed with a deep understanding of word games, user behavior, and the pulse of online trends, I embraced the chance to develop a tool that would aid Wordle players in uncovering the daily word. Swiftly realizing that the demand was soaring, I put my knowledge into action.


The Wordle Solver was the very first tool of its kind. This was a culmination of the journey that began with Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Crosswords assistance tools.

Navigating Words and Logic: My Ongoing Voyage to NYT Connections

NYT Connections Game Screenshots

As my word game journey continued to unfold, the introduction of a new and intriguing challenge by the NYT captured my attention – Connections. This recent NYT Games launch lured me not only as a player but also as a builder eager to contribute to this evolving landscape. I saw an opportunity to craft a tool that could enhance the experience for others. Armed with my accumulated insights from Wordle, crosswords, and other game-related ventures, I quickly managed to shape a tool that offers users an edge in deciphering the enigmatic connections.


The allure of NYT Connections is undeniable. A bridge between the familiar and the unexplored, this game tasks players with a unique challenge: to decipher four sets of four words from a pool of sixteen, each connection bound by a common thread. It is a convergence of word association and logical deduction, an intricate dance that beckoned the curious minds of word game lovers.


From my early steps with Scrabble and Words with Friends to the intricacies of crosswords, this new chapter of my journey exemplifies the seamless integration of experience, passion, and innovation.

Final Thoughts: Where Passion and Profession Converge💡🌱

In my career’s puzzle, word games aren’t just work – they’re a personal delight. In these playful challenges, I find more than strategy – I find joy. And this joy isn’t confined to my tasks; it shapes my perspective. Navigating trends and swiftly adapting isn’t just about staying current; it’s about a deep understanding that empowers me to thrive.

This journey, with its playful undertones and insightful lessons, is something I’m profoundly thankful for. It’s a path where work and passion blend, a fusion that fills my days with purpose and excitement.